How we Work

Every month a programme of future events is published. This can either be collected at Club Night (see below) or be posted or emailed to you. Events can also be seen on the web by looking at the "What's On" section of this site. 

Some last minute events and reminders are sent by email. Events cost you no more that the basic cost of the ticket, meal, petrol share, etc. There is no other charge.

Members can volunteer to organise events, but new members would not be expected to!

Pub and Club Nights

We meet every Thursday evening for an informal ‘pub night’ in a city centre bar for a drink and chat. It lasts from 8.00 to around 10.30. You can drop in at any time and leave when you wish.

Once a month this becomes a ‘Club Night’ in which the next month’s programme is distributed and is probably the best event for prospective members to come to first.